About us

Our profile
Our company provides maintenance, repair and remote monitoring services for Remeha, Weishaupt and Viessmann gas boilers, gas appliances along with their safety, control and auxiliary technical equipments in the central heating of block of flats, office/commercial or in any other municipal buildings. We implement, install, and troubleshoot their cable connections and main units and we provide technical safety check, diagnostics and documentation in accordance with the measurements of the respective authorities. We provide 7/24 breakdown service assistance.

Besides, we provide planning, implementation and repair services for all kind of central refrigeration and air conditioning appliances.

The scope of our business activities also includes translation and proofreading services in English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English language pairs. See details under section Fordítás / Translation services.

Our policy
Our main principle is to provide reliable and high quality services on short schedule by flexibly adapting to our customers’ needs. We provide services on basis of occasional individual orders or under a long-term flat rate maintenance contract. We ensure for our customers a comprehensive, 7/24/364 service disposability and 24-hour phone assistance. By employing modern, intelligent remote building management control technologies, we can tap significant potentials for saving energy and prolong the lifetime of the consumer units, extend maintenance circles while optimally fulfilling the demand for convenience. We are able to carry out optimizations without having to visit the site; we provide constant monitoring thus guaranteeing uniform optimal operation.

Our history
In the above described areas we have gained professional experience of more than 20 years by operating gas appliances installed and maintained by FŐSZER. Our company was founded in 1997, and the period since then can be described as the years of development and expansion.

Our licenses
Our colleagues possess all the substantial EU-conform vocational and environmental competencies and skills required in this industrial segment. In order to ensure the appropriate professional level and to keep up with the intensely improving heating and cooling system technologies requiring up-to-date IT-knowledge besides technical skills, our colleagues continously participating in different trainings. We do believe in the importance of life long learning.

Our official certifications are as follows:

  • Licensed Master technican for the servicing of Gas and Oil fuel appliances
  • Building engineering technician (OKJ 52544303)
  • Qualified plumber (OKJ 31521610)
  • Official qualifier, examiner of gas and oil-fired equipments (OKJ 53548302)
  • Gas-fitter photo pass (G/002955/2008)
  • Electrical fitter
  • Elementary autogenous welder qualification (OKJ 31523301)
  • Low-powered boiler heating qualification (OKJ 31525202)
  • Industrial-sized commercial refrigerator serviceman (OKJ 31523601)
  • HKVSZ refrigerator mechanician photo pass (ie. green card)
  • Mechanician
  • Mechanic technician
  • Certified translator in eeconomics and social sciences
  • Certified EU-tender professional

Technical background
Our customer service office (headquarters) is located in the 3rd district, and we own large storing facilities in other parts of the city. Our colleagues are supported with Citroen Berlingo service cars that are completely equipped for on-the-spot troubleshooting. In order to make our work fast and efficient, we are using professional industrial power tools (Bosch, Makita) among others the following ones:

  • Portable flue gas analyzer Testo 330-2 for exhaust gas monitoring, for professional commissioning, adjustment and for regular maintenance of stationary energy and combustion systems,
  • verified sound and wind meters
  • calibrated temperature and humidity meter and indicator device
  • power consumption meter and indicator
  • professional tools, measuring and testing device sets specialized for air-conditioning equipments,
  • refrigerating agents, disinfectants and detergents
  • spare mobile air-conditioner (for resolving emergency cases)

Our assortment:
We are operating almost one hundred residential gas fuelled boilers in Budapest and in its surroundings. Among others there are: Viessmann, Rohleder, RK 70-300, Buderus, FÉG F- AF, ÉPLAK, ÉTI, Remeha, Termomax, Gépszöv, Hoval, Hőterm, Termopress, Veru, Sb Láng Ygnis, Komfort II-III, Unifero gas boilers, ABG, PGG, TG -3,4,5, with Weishaupt, Riello burners. Power range: 30-1400 kW.

We distribute, install and maintain the following air-conditioning brands: Daikin, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Tekno Point, Toshiba, Midea, Hitachi.

We speak English, please send an inquiry and we will call you back. Should you have any further questions in English, don’t hesitate to contact us at: info@urizanyi.hu.

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